Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rabbit Questions

I was asked a few questions about the rabbits at the shelter and if I was collecting Munchkin's fur for my mom to spin.

To the first question about the rabbits at the shelter,
Right now we have three rabbits. One is a medium sized white rabbit who has been here for a while. He likes to bite. I am usually the only one who will actually stick my hand in his cage. He is pretty friendly once he gets used to people. The other two rabbits are grey and white liondhead rabbits. The Lionhead breed of rabbits have long fur on their head and then the rest of their fur is short. It is very cute. The two of them are brothers and they love each other. They have to be adopted together. They are very sweet, I love them.

To the Munchkin fur question:
Yep, I am collecting Munchkins fur in a box. Mom hasn't tried spinning any yet though.


  1. Thanks for answering the questions. Went to the shelter site but couldn't get a picture of the Lionhead rabbits. Would love to see what they look like. I'll try again later.
    -Fuzzy animal lover

  2. Love the tube! Martha