Sunday, December 12, 2010

My non-official pets

I have some non-official pets. I don't own them, and I don't really take care of them or feed them, unless you count my dad putting peanut butter and seeds in humane traps. They are squirrels and they like to invade our house every night. I consider them unofficial pets. No matter how many times my dad catches one and releases it somewhere far far away we always end up with more. I think only one comes in at once, so I like to name them. Right now the current squirrel is Earl the Squirrel. I like to use names that rhyme with squirrel. For instance I have used Pearl, and Burl too. But right now it is Earl. Right now he is scampering around between the floors above my head. I think Earl is the smartest and has the most will power. He has been offered the best of squirrel bait and still refuses to enter the trap. It would be strange to have an evening where I didn't hear the rather loud patter and scratching of tiny squirrel feet above my head or below my feet.


  1. Yikes! I wonder where they are getting in. In one house we had, snakes came into the basement. I'm not afraid of snakes, in general, but I really didn't like finding them, their calling cards or shedded skins in my house!


  2. You are too funny! You are going to run out of names that rhyme with Squirrel! MLC