Sunday, December 12, 2010

Critter updates

So here is what all my pets have been doing lately:

Munchkin has just been doing his usual stuff. His new favorite thing is laying under a piece of cardboard and eating cilantro.

Pipsqueak has been doing some serious running up and down in her new tubes ( which I still need to take a video of) and getting crumbs from her favorite treat: pumpkin seeds everywhere.

Lacey has been enjoying the snow and having fits since she had her ears cleaned (I should put up a video of that sometime).

Sheba has been sleeping in sunny spots and licking the carpet like usual.

And Agatha, my cat, has been sleeping in my fleece on her favorite chair, and playing with the books under my bed while I am trying to sleep.

1 comment:

  1. Does Munchkin eat the cilantro while laying under the cardboard? Is he trying to hide so no one will steal his cilantro?

    Looking forward to the Pipsqueak video.

    Our dogs enjoy the little dusting of snow we have by running along with their tongues to the ground to eat the snow.

    I'm like Sheba except for the carpet thing.

    Agatha is such a fun cat.

    -Old Animal Lover