Sunday, July 17, 2011

Baby bunny updates!

The baby bunnies have opened their eyes! They are now hopping all around and exploring their nesting box. They are very cute. There are actually seven. (I know, first I said eight, and then I said six, but now that they aren't laying in a big pile I can actually count them!) Four of them are all white, one is white with a little bit of gray on his/her feet and ears, and the other two are black/grey and white. The littlest one, the runt of the litter, is like the energizer bunny. He/she runs, jumps, bounces, and is generally just crazy and goofy. The other ones are more lazy. I have been petting them and getting them used to people. One of them fell asleep in my hand today. It was so cute that I nearly died from a cuteness overdose! And the are sooo SOFT. If I didn't already have six spoiled pets, I would totally bring one home! 

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