Saturday, July 9, 2011

Shelter Pet Profiles/ Shelter Updates!

This week's shelter profile: 

So this week is actually a profile about a few pets. The shelter currently has five baby/ young rats. They are all very sweet and very cute! Most of them don't have names so I make up my own. 

Two of the baby rats are dumbo rats (with super cute big, round ears on the side of their head). They are both male. One is white with a little bit of grayish black and the other is all grayish black. They don't have official names, so I have been calling them Salt and Pepper because of their coloring. They are both very sweet. They like being held and they are so soft!!! Salt and Pepper have always been together, so I think they should definitely go home together!

The other three were just brought in today, and I got to set up a new cage for them. (They basically were brought to the shelter in a cage sized for one hamster, so it was way to small for three rats! It also had no food bowl or any food!) So I got them a bigger cage with multiple levels and they got fed them a heaping bowl of food. I also gave them some fleece blankets to sleep in (they were so cute afterward all cuddled in the fleece!) 

Anyway, there are three of them, all males and all fancy rats. One is an albino (white with red eyes), one was all black, and one was black and white. They all don't mind being handled. Two of them are a little shy, but they albino is very curious and outgoing. I haven't decided what I am going to call them.

Shelter Updates!!!

BABY BUNNIES!!!! One of the rabbits at the shelter had babies!!!! The rabbit was though to be a neutered male, but obviously she wasn't!!!   (which is why rabbits kept together should always be spayed/neutered!)

She came in a couple weeks ago as a stray, and no one realized she was pregnant.

Anyway, I have been cleaning their cage, and I believe there are eight babies. Right now they are all tiny with closed eyes, and they are just starting to get their fur. They are very cute. They all lay together in a little squirming bunny pile, and they fall asleep and dream. They are just so ADORABLE!!!!!

I just had a fun idea. Since a lot of the pocket pets either don't have names yet, I don't now their names, or I don't really like their names; I usually come up with my own names. I am still deciding what I want to call the three rats that just came in.... so I will put up a poll and let you help me decide. And afterwards I will pick the most voted one and since the staff doesn't have names for them, I might suggest the ones that win the poll.

The poll is on the sidebar to the right.


  1. Love the names in the poll! Those baby bunnies sound cute! I'm looking forward to updates on them in the future.
    Sarah :)

  2. We voted for the Clint Eastwood names because Grampa is a big Clint Eastwood fan. ;) Martha

  3. I think the 3 Stooges names sound just perfect for 3 fancy rats! I tried to think of other trios but the ones that come to mind have at least one female too, like Peter, Paul & Mary (folk singing group from the 60's & 70's - for those of you too young to know).

    The new videos on the blog are great! The format for Sheba's pictures was so nice. She looks so sweet.

    -Animal Gram