Friday, July 1, 2011

Updates and other stuff.

So I just updated the two other pages on my blog: "My Pets" and "Pet profiles" So now my "my pets" page has new pictures and now has a picture of Squirt the first and Squirt the second. 

My "pet profiles" also now has a profile of Squirt the second. 

A new shelter profile is coming soon!

GOOD NEWS!!! 32 cats and six dogs were adopted from the shelter last week!!!

Squirt is doing pretty well, his fins seem to still be getting better and he has been very happy and actively swimming around his tank today.


  1. Just went through your pet profiles and really enjoyed them! I especially liked the pet peeves. They are each so special! Martha

  2. Hard to imagine they have any animals left after all those adoptions! Martha

  3. In the pet pictures, I love Lacey with her mouth full and Sheba with one ear up and one back (only half listening to you?). In the pet profiles, I think the nicknames are so funny and I'm with Squirt on the blood worms - ick!
    -Animal Gram