Friday, July 15, 2011

Shelter Updates!

I have some shelter updates!

Updates on the baby bunnies:

I believe I said that there were about eight in my last post about the bunnies, but their are actually six. It is very hard to count bunnies that all look the same pink and are laying all on top of each other in a little pile. But I am positive now that there are six of them. They all have their fur now. Four of them are white. The other two are white with gray/black spots. The biggest one is one of the white ones, and one of the spotted ones is definitely smaller than the rest and took longer getting his/her fur, he/she seems to be pretty healthy.

Their mom is taking good care of them. I have been cleaning their cage, and the mama bunny is fine with me being near the babies, but she HATES the litter scoop! So I let have some time to run around free by herself in a small room while I clean the cage.

The baby bunnies are also all attempting to hop. It is very cute, because they sort of just do these jerky spurts and than fall, and they kick each other in the process. They don't really move anywhere because they still can't really see yet. It is very funny to watch.

Updates on the rats:

Well, it turns out the trio rats are female. I didn't even check, because the owner said that they were all male. Well I went to the shelter on Tuesday, and I checked and they are definitely not male! So the staff already named them Sashi, Bijou, and Dewdrop. None of which I really like. The white one is named Sashi, so I call her Sasha now, because she does look like a Sasha. I have also been calling the black and white one Sushi, so my name now for the black one is Sashi. So it is Sasha, Sushi, and Sashi. Which is a mouthful but it is sort of a theme, and kinda cute.

The names that are winning the poll right now are Brains, Brawn, and Beauty, which could actually still work for females. Had the rats been males, I was kind of rooting for "the good, the bad, and the ugly" (although I don't think any of them are ugly, but it would have been very cute!) Although I liked all of the choices. So the next time the shelter gets a trio  of male rats,  I will suggest some of those names.

And a new shelter profile is coming soon!


  1. I would love to see those little baby bunnies. They must look especially cute and tiny since we're so used to seeing Munchkin all of the time!

    You know that the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly was my pick for the rats' names but I do suppose that in a shelter setting those names might not have been the best selling points for the critters.
    Love and hugs,

  2. When will the baby bunnies be able to see? And at what age will they be ready to adopt? Have you thought about names yet? ( for the all white ones how about winter-themed names like snowy, sparkle, frost, etc. Speaking of names, a friend used to name her dogs after the weather: Sun, Foggy, Rainy. With their personalities, though, I would have called them Stormy, Windy, Cyclone.)

    Will there be pictures of the bunnies on the shelter site?
    -Animal Gram

  3. I had voted for Brains, Brawn, and Beauty. Sasha, Sushi, and Sashi is cute too though! Those bunnies sound very cute.
    Sarah :)