Wednesday, July 20, 2011

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I can see why Sheba is living a long and healthy life and why Lacey is such a bouncy, happy dog! Questions: what is a "little bit of water" and do you feed once a day or twice?
-Animal Gram
    (posted under "Recipe for Lacey and Sheba's Dinner")

Lacey and Sheba get fed twice a day. In the morning for breakfast they get 1/2 cup of their Blue Buffalo dog food each. 

In the recipe I shouldn't have said a "little bit of water". I forgot to measure out beforehand, I usually just eyeball it, but I measured how much it was yesterday. I give Lacey about 1/4 cup of water in her food, and Sheba I give almost 1/2 cup of water because she is getting old and finds the food easier to eat when it is a little softer. They also seem to like it better that way and don't have to drink as much water after eating. I will have to fix that in the recipe.

When will the baby bunnies be able to see? And at what age will they be ready to adopt? Have you thought about names yet? ( for the all white ones how about winter-themed names like snowy, sparkle, frost, etc. Speaking of names, a friend used to name her dogs after the weather: Sun, Foggy, Rainy. With their personalities, though, I would have called them Stormy, Windy, Cyclone.)

Will there be pictures of the bunnies on the shelter site?
-Animal Gram 

Baby rabbit open their eyes after they are about ten days to two weeks old. They can be adopted out when they are about eight weeks old. I think that the winter-themed names would be so cute! I'll have to suggest them to the shelter. (we haven't named them yet because their gender hasn't been determined yet, that is easiest to do at about six weeks) I don't know if their will be pictures. I hope so, but sometimes the shelter is a bit behind on getting up pictures of the "pocket pets". I'll have to ask if I can take some pictures. 


The baby bunnies are all a few weeks old now. They have left their nesting box and are exploring the world. The staff asked if I could socialize with them whenever I go, so last time I was at the shelter I took all the babies and their mom out to the shelter's "meet and greet/ socializing room" (which is completely animal proofed and safe for all the critters to freely run around in) They loved it! Mom was happy to have a break from her seven bunnies and retreated inside the cat bed for a nap, leaving me to be the baby bunnies human jungle gym. The baby bunnies are so lovable. The hopped all over my lap, two fell asleep in my hand, one kept trying to eat my jeans, two of them kept licking me, one of the kept digging me, three of them groomed their faces in my lap, and they all loved being pet and cuddled, and none of them minded being picked up. The all had fun exploring and they kept doing crazy binkies everywhere. The runt of the litter and the other spotted baby are CRAZY. They are super curious and run and jump around like wild things, but they also love being cuddled. The white ones are a little lazier. I have also discovered that two of the white ones have red eyes, the other three have black, and that one of the white bunnies is rex rabbit. (rex fur is fur that stands straight up at a ninety degree angle so makes the rabbit look and feel plush, and they also have curly whiskers).

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  1. Thanks for all the answers to my questions. Those bunnies sound so adorable! Aren't you one lucky animal lover to be able to do that with them! What a great video that would be.
    =Animal Gram