Monday, February 28, 2011

Cleaning up Munchkin's stuff: Part 3!!!

Part 3 is here!

So after seeing part 1 and part 2 you guys are probably wondering what there is left to clean now that Munchkin's cage and playpen are clean. Well...

As you can see, I create a large mess in my cage cleaning process.

The first thing that I do now is wash Munchkin's litter scoop (yes it is shaped like a ferret, which is because Petsmart was out of bunny shaped scoops when I bought it.) Anyway, I wash that and the scoop for his food. And I obviously thoroughly rinse and dry each one. Oh and I always do the litter scoop LAST.

Then if his hay bin is almost empty, like it was this week, I clean that up too. First I take any good hay out and set aside. Then I am left with a boatload of teeny tiny little shredded bits of hay that Munchkin won't eat and I wouldn't let him because it is just like dust. So I dump the hay dust in the trash.
 This is what I am left with... a dusty bin.
 So I take the vacuum and suck all the dust out.

Taa daa!
 And then I fill it with fresh timothy hay and orchard grass hay. (the orange thing in the picture is a marigold. I sometimes get him hay that comes with marigolds blended in it. He loves that.)

Then I vacuum out the bins that I store all of his supplies in because they tend to get food and hay in them, since I sometimes spill a few pellets when I scoop his food in the morning:


And after all this cleaning, and a week of sweeping out Munchkin's cage in the morning, the broom is dirty.

So I vacuum it off really well. (After too many pieces of hay get stuck in the bristles of the broom it doesn't sweep very well so I like to vacuum them off really well.

Then since the floor looks as if I was using hay for confetti, I vacuum the floor.

Then I just put everything away and I am completely, finally finished!


  1. Wow, what a process! You really do a great job. As I've said before, what a lucky bunny!
    -Old Pet Lover

  2. And to think, I played a part in training you up to be the wonderful mess-cleaner-upper that you are. Wait a minute, am I equating my house to an animal cage? Well, if there are animals (3 of them to be exact) I guess maybe I am seeing a similarity! :) MLC