Saturday, February 19, 2011

How I clean Munchkin's cage: Part !

So here is step-by-step how I do Munchkin's weekly cage cleaning. (I clean up the cage daily, but every weekend I do a complete cage cleaning and wash and vacuum everything)

So I first separate the playpen from the kennel, and put Munchkin in the playpen because I clean out the kennel first.

Here is what the kennel looks like before I clean it:

The first thing I do is to take everything out of the cage:

Next I take out the plastic pan and dump out all of the loose hay and pieces of litter in it.

Then I vacuum any leftover pieces off the pan:

After that I  spray the pan with a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar:

Next I rinse it off with very hot water making sure that I get all of the vinegar off.

Then I dry it off thoroughly.

Now I clean his litter box
First I dump all of the contents out:

Then I rinse it out with hot water,

Spray it with the vinegar and water,

Fill it up with hot water and let it soak,

While I let the litter box soak, I get all of Munchkin's dishes and plastic toys ready to be washed:

I fill up a bucket with hot, soapy water

And wash the dishes

Then I rinse them off very thoroughly,

And dry them.

Then I take his litter box and thoroughly rinse out all of the vinegar. (if your rabbit is still learning how to use a litter box, do not deodorize the litter box. So only use water in that case, and no vinegar.) And then I dry the litter box completely.

Then I go to his kennel and remove that towel that I keep under the plastic pan:

Then I sweep up all of the big pieces of hay (they clog the vacuum), and then vacuum the rest:
Taa da!!!

Next I take his towels and shake them out outside (if they are very dirty I wash them and get out new towels)

Now I fill up his hay, food, water, and litter box and put everything back in the kennel:

sorry, the video is sideways. I was using my ipod and I guess I was holding it sideways and I didn't realize.

And, this is only part 1. Part 2- the playpen and Part 3- cleaning up the huge mess I make outside of his cage in the process are coming soon!!!

Note: As it was said in the comments, the sink I use is NOT the kitchen sink. I definitely would not recommend washing pet litter boxes in kitchen sinks. (eww)

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  1. Very nice step by step instructions! I really like the way you are using photos to illustrate each step.

    A little disclaimer here - that is not our actual kitchen sink that the bunny's things are being washed in! It is a sink in our basement that gets used as a utility sink!

    Love and hugs, Mom (who would have heart failure if the bunny's litter box was being cleaned in the kitchen sink!)