Monday, February 21, 2011

How I clean Munchkin's cage part 2: cleaning the playpen

Hi everyone! Time for part 2!!! In this part I will tell you how I clean Munchkin's playpen. This usually doesn't take me very long. All I really have to do is vacuum it out and clean off his toys. Every once in a while I wipe the floor down with a very small amount of vinegar diluted in water. But I only do that like once a month or so.

So here is what the playpen looks like before I clean it:

It usually isn't too bad, Munchkin keeps it pretty clean.

The first thing that I do is shake out his towels (if they have been out for a couple of weeks I usually have them washed and give them new ones, but if they aren't too old and if they are clean I just shake them out):

Then I collect all his toys, and replace most of the cardboard pieces and tubes with new ones:

Now I get out the vacuum. I am just going to pause and say how much I love this vacuum. It is a Dyson ball, and it is a version that is meant for homes with pets, so it is really nice and it is easy to use. I love it. It is amazing with pet hair.

So anyway, back to cleaning the playpen.

The next thing that I do is vacuum off all of his toys. (I like to do this because he gets them furry especially if he is shedding):

After that I take them all out of the playpen and I vacuum the floor:

Then I take out the special "skinny" vacuum hose attachment to get the stuff (mostly bunny fur) that gets in the space between the cage and the wall:

Then I put everything back in and I am done with the playpen!

Sorry, once again the video is sideways, and I am moving the camera kinda fast. I don't know why I always go and hold my ipod sideways for videos! 
update: well... it was sideways, but it flipped around to the way it should be when it uploaded. Weird.

Coming soon.... part 3 and How I clean Pipsqueaks cage.  


I have not forgotten tour videos! I am going to try to do them this week. Be warned, they will be in many tiny little parts because there is a size limit on blogger videos, but they should still be good. I am going to show you where my pets live and their stuff. I will do some on the cat and the dogs too.


  1. I second everything you said about the vacuum cleaner. It's great!

    I'm really enjoying your step-by-step instructions with photos!
    Love and hugs,

  2. I'm looking forward to the videos!
    Sarah :)

  3. Nothing like a clean home and playpen to keep a bunny healthy and happy! Great work with your descriptions and photos.
    - Animal Gram