Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Critter Updates

Hi everyone!

I have some shelter critter updates. The last pregnant guinea pig had her babies! She had four! She had one huge guinea pig baby who was obviously hogging all the space because they other three are very small. They are all doing great and I moved them to the biggest cage we have, because the old cage started out with two pigs in it, but after the babies it has eight! And even though the babies are small, they definitely needed more space. They bounced and ran all around, so they loved it.

My pets are all doing really well. Munchkin is loving his new cage setup. I had to relocate his water dish to the opposite side of his cage since he kept putting his towels in the water bowl when he napped there and getting them soaking wet every day. But since I moved that everything has been just right for him. Pipsqueak has been digging tunnels in her bedding like crazy lately. Lacey is still having a blast with all the snow, and Sheba is enjoying eating the bird seed that falls from the bird feeders. Agatha has been her usually self sleeping on anything in my room that is a sweatshirt or that is made of fleece or paper.


  1. That's a lot of guinea pig babies! How many guinea pigs does the shelter have now?
    Sarah :)

  2. How old do the guinea pig babies have to be before they are adopted out?
    Love and hugs,