Monday, February 14, 2011


Hi everyone!

So I am still working on the videos. Blogger has been really slow lately. Anyway I have some videos of Pipsqueak and Munchkin eating veggies and hopefully some cage tours that I will try to get uploaded soon. In the meantime, I have got updates for you! Well, first off, the "three little pigs" Sticks, Bricks, and Straw were adopted! The shelter's two adult male guinea pigs Axel and Ant were also adopted. And apparently the shelter received two more guinea pigs but they were adopted so fast that I never even got to see them! Most guinea pigs spend months in the shelter before they are adopted but those two only spent a couple of days! So the shelter is down to nine guinea pigs now. The shelter's ferret, Tinkerbelle was adopted by one of the staff. And four of the gerbils who have spent over a year at the shelter were finally adopted! So in total for small animals right now the shelter has three mice, nine guinea pigs, two gerbils, and a rabbit. And BIG NEWS! I am preparing to get a new pet! I was really wanting something like a ferret or a pair of guinea pigs, but my busy schedule has made me rethink that idea. I just don't have enough time to devote to a pet like that. And my parents would like me to pay for everything if I get another pet. Sooo, in a month or two I will have a new addition to the pets in the family. I am planning on getting a Betta Fish. So while I am saving up for his supplies and things I am going to do some posts under my critter care blog about Betta Fish.

I just gotta say this post was very difficult to write because Munchkin kept getting into mischief and trying to shred up the carpet and eat my pants!


  1. I look forward to seeing your fish when you get him!
    Sarah :)

  2. Can't wait to learn about Betta fish.
    -Animal Gram

  3. Funny thing, I always assumed it was spelled Beta (like the Greek letter). So do you know why they're called Betta fish? I'm curious!
    Love and hugs,