Thursday, February 10, 2011

Recipe: How to make Munchkin's + Pipsqueak's salad

So I thought this would be cool to do. This is a recipe for Munchkin's salad exactly the way that I do it. I just thought it would be cool to show you guys a good salad for rabbit's and how I make it.

You will need:
2-3 medium or large romaine lettuce leaves
1 large celery stalk with leaves
cilantro or parsley
a knife
a strainer
optional: a measuring cup

Step 1: Get out all of the ingredients and things you will need.

Step 2: Cut about an inch long piece of unpeeled (but washed) carrot into slices. Take about a little less than a quarter of a slice and set aside for Pipsqueak. Cut one thick slice of cucumber into quarters.

Step 3: Wash the lettuce and dry it off.

Step 4: Wash off the celery stalk. The kind I get is pretty dirty so I scrub it off with a paper towel too.

Step 5: Cut up the celery stalk into small pieces making sure to set aside a small piece for Pipsqueak. Cut up the celery leaves and cilantro/parsley to fit into the bowl.

Step 6: Assemble the salad! (and set aside a small piece of lettuce for Pipsqueak) And if you want to know if you have the right amounts you can measure the veggies with a measuring cup. Munchkin's salad is about two cups. After a while of making bunny salads you shouldn't need a cup anymore.

To assemble: Place chopped celery into the bottom of the bowl

Add celery leaves

Add cilantro/parsley, carrots, and cucumber

Put the lettuce on the plate

Feed it to the bunny!

Now take Pipsqueaks pieces and feed her:

Now clean up the cutting board:

Note: If I have other veggies in the fridge like broccoli or bell peppers I put some of that in his salad too.


  1. I really like how you showed us this recipe - great visuals! Especially Pipsqueak's amount, after seeing all that Munchkin gets. Good reminder to be mindful of portion sizes.
    Love and hugs,

  2. Munchkin's salad made me hungry for veggies! Pipsqueak's salad was cute like she is.
    -Animal Gram

  3. How did I miss this video before? Wow - nice salad! I'm glad Pipsqueek got some too. :) Martha