Friday, November 5, 2010

A day in the life of Munchkin

Here is an example of a day in Munchkin's life:

He chews some of his special log and relaxes till I come down to clean his cage in the morning.
Before I clean his cage, he digs around in his towels, then he hops into his playpen to wait while I clean his cage.
He waits very impatiently for his morning snack and gobbles it down when he gets it.
After I finish with his cage, he eats some of his food, checks everything out, and goes back into his playpen for another nap.
He eats and snoozes with some playing and cage accessory rearranging mixed in for most of the day until about three or four o'clock.
Then he gets an hour or so of time upstairs in the tv room. He runs around, gets some papaya, and sits in my lap for a while before stretching out on the floor.
Then he is put back to his cage and waits for his veggies.
When he sees me coming with his veggies, he frantically hops around.
Then he spends a very long time munching on his lettuce, celery, and carrots.
After this he plays for a while then naps some more till he gets to go upstairs again in the evening.
He might be very well-rested by now so he shows off with a few spectacular bunny binkies (big funny looking bunny acrobatics) then he gets his second papaya snack and sits in my lap before hopping off to play with all his favorite toys. Then he lets me chase him around for a bit because he doesn't feel like going back downstairs.
Once I finally catch him he sits with his head on my shoulder and rubs his head into my shoulder a few times (I don't know why but he always does).
Then he goes to bed in his cage and eats all of his hay during the night while he waits for the next morning.
And that is a typical day for Munchkin.


  1. Munchkin sounds busy! Have you ever gotten a video of Munchkin binkying? I've never seen a rabbit do that.

  2. You forgot to mention that he gets several visits a day from family members. He likes to snuggle his face in one of my hands while I pet him with the other. He is such a snuggle bunny!
    Love and hugs,

  3. Busy lucky bunny!

  4. I think I would like a bunny like that, keep you eyes open....
    love ya
    aunt a

  5. Aww. Sounds like a wonderful life and a wonderful pet! Martha