Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hamster Care: Setting Up a Hamster Cage

Since I did a post about hamster cages I decided I should do one on how you should set up your hamster's home.

Once you have your hamster's cage and put it together you need to put in all its accessories. First, put a thick layer of bedding in the bottom so you hamster can burrow in it if it wants to. In one corner place its food dish and in the corner next to it put the water bottle. In the third corner, put a little hut or something for the hamster to sleep in. Make sure you leave one corner free of anything because hamsters like to have a corner to use as a little hamster bathroom. The wheel can go anywhere in the cage as long as the hamster can reach it. Then you can put in chew toys and tubes to give your hamster something to do. Once you have your hamster in its cage, you should watch how it uses this arrangement for a few days. If the hamster is sleeping, eating, or going to the bathroom in a corner that you hadn't set up for that use, you may need to arrange it so that it works better for you critter. Also, if your bedding is not very soft, provide your hamster with a few tissues or some softer bedding for it to sleep in.

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