Sunday, November 28, 2010

Guinea Pigs, Guinea Pigs, and MORE Guinea Pigs

I had just been thinking the other day that there haven't been any guinea pigs at the shelter in a little while. Then I walked in to the shelter today and saw GUINEA PIGS EVERYWHERE! The shelter just got TWELVE guinea pigs at once. Typically we only have one or two or not any at all. But right now the shelter has twelve and three of them are going to have babies soon. They all came from one person. I don't know how one person could even think that they could properly take care of twelve guinea pigs! They are all very nervous. Two of them are babies so they are very cute. I hope they start getting adopted soon.


  1. Wow, that's a lot of guinea pigs!!
    Sarah :)

  2. Gift-giving time is here, so who wouldn't love a little guinea pig?! (Please don't take that as a suggestion for me!) Maybe the shelter could advertise that wherever they promote adoption.
    Looks as if the twelve will become many more soon with three pregnant. How many do they usually have in a litter?
    -Animal Lover