Friday, November 5, 2010

How all my pets are doing

Just thought I would tell everyone how all my pets are doing. They are all enjoying the good life. Sheba, my older dog, is enjoying her naps in the sun and licking the carpet. Lacey, my younger dog, is enjoying life on her recliner (yes, she really does have a recliner all to herself) and chasing leaves in the yard. The cat is helping me read as usual by trying to lay on my books, and snoozing in my chair. Munchkin is enjoying some extra-special broccoli that he is getting this week as a special treat. He has also been enjoying trying to nibble some furniture and sleeping on his favorite towel. And Pipsqueak is in her cage right now taking a nap after running around in her ball, climbing all over me, and eating a snack.


  1. Toys, naps and snacks! - I want to be your pet! Sounds like a great life.

  2. I think you need a few more!!!!

  3. I saw the picture you posted of Agatha with a book. I thought perhaps you set that up, but it sounds like she really is a page turner! :) Martha