Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How Munchkin Laughs

Munchkin has been enjoying living on the wild side and getting into a lot of mischief the past couple of days. He attempts to jump on the couch and chew up the carpet very frequently the past few days. And he thinks it is funny. Rabbits do crazy jumps and shake all over when they are very, very happy. This is what Munchkin does when I tell him no. If I shoo him away from his favorite corner of the carpet that he was furiously trying to dig up, he leaps and jumps and shakes all over in happy little circles. I think of it as him laughing at me. Apparently he likes to be a bad bunny sometimes. It makes me laugh. His other new habit is licking me when he has done something wrong. If I see him looking at the couch in that funny way with his head cocked to the side, I know that he is going to jump on the couch or is at least thinking about it. So I say "Munchkin, are you being a bad bunnny?" and he hops over and innocently licks my knee. Or hops into my lap. It is like he is saying "No, I am being a good bunny. See?" I love how much personality rabbits have. My other favorite habit of his is his obsession with his towels. If he doesn't want me to touch them he moves them into a pile and then sort of sits on them and holds onto them. I bet he is thinking, "If you want to wash these towels you will have to get through me first!"  I will have to get a picture of it sometime.


  1. His way of laughing is so cute! It is funny how he guards his towels and pretends to be innocent when caught doing something naughty. Munchkin sounds like a bunny with a huge personality!

  2. It made me laugh just picturing him jumping and shaking. Hope to see it in person someday.
    -Fluffy Gram