Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hamster Care: Cleaning the Hamster Cage

Okay, so now here is how to clean a hamster cage:

1. Take your hamster out of the cage and put them somewhere safe and escape-proof.
2. Take all accessories out of the cage.
3. Take the cage apart (take the wire top off the plastic bottom, etc.)
4. Dump out any uneaten food and all bedding, and soiled chew toys.
5. Fill a bucket or sink with hot water and one or two small drops of very mild dish soap.
6. Wash the bottom of the cage, the wire parts, and any plastic or metal accessories such as the wheel, plastic hideaway, tubes, food dish, water bottle.
7. Now rinse all of it thoroughly.
8. Dry all of it off completely.
9. Put in a thick layer of clean bedding, put the cage back together, and put all of your hamster's accessories back in. Put fresh food in the bowl, and fresh water in the bottle.
10. Now you can get your hamster and let it explore its cleaned cage!

Cleaning out a cage like I just explained above should be done at least once a week. Each day you still need to: remove any soiled bedding and replace with fresh bedding, remove uneaten food from their food dish and refill it, and refill their water bottle.

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  1. Your critters sure must keep you busy! Do you have a written schedule like a calendar to keep it all straight?