Saturday, November 27, 2010

Questions and Answers

I have some questions that I was asked that I would like to answer.

"I've heard of people who let their litter box-trained rabbits roam the house like a cat or dog. Is this possible, considering the amount of damage a rabbit can do in a short time? Sounds like the house couldn't have carpets, cords or wood. That definitely would limit the home furnishings!"

Yes some people do let their rabbits roam freely around the house. It is possible. It depends on the rabbit. Some rabbits are not at all destructive, but some like Munchkin like to destroy things. Some rabbits don't pay any attention to carpets, but cords definitely should still be out of their reach. Some people just leave a few rooms or a hallway for their rabbit to roam in. 

"Your critters sure must keep you busy! Do you have a written schedule like a calendar to keep it all straight?"

I did for a while, but I tend to change or alter how I do things, so I kinda stopped using it. I mostly just keep track of everything in my head. I basically make sure that each animal gets its cage cleaned out a bit, gets fed, and gets fresh water and attention daily. Then weekly they get groomed and the cages get totally cleaned out. The dogs schedule is a bit different with grooming, since the lab doesn't need much grooming, but I typically brush my springer spaniel every couple of days. 


  1. You're right - we definitely couldn't let Munchkin have free run of the house. Not just because of his desire to take an occasional chunk out of the furniture but also because we would then have to figure out how to keep Lacey away from him!
    Love and hugs,

  2. Thanks for answering my questions. Sounds like your pets' care is just part of your normal day. Great to develop such good habits at your age!
    -Love from the Fuzzy Gram