Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tip of the week.

Here is my tip of the week:

If you are ever adopting a rabbit think about this:

Do I want a big one or a little one?

Many people think little ones are easier to handle and can be kept in a smaller cage because of their size. Well the opposite is most often true. Very small rabbits tend to be extremely active so they need about as much space as a large rabbit would if not more. Since they are so active they tend to be more territorial, dominant, and much more difficult to handle.

Large rabbits tend to be easygoing laid back and enjoy being handled more than smaller rabbits.

Remember there are exceptions to everything. I also find that if you handle a rabbit a lot as a baby they grow up to be much more friendly and even enjoy being held.

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  1. I think if any baby, animal or human, is held a lot as a baby they usually tend to be friendlier and happier. Guess I won't have the small/big rabbit dilemma since I consider Munchkin my grand-bunny and don't need one of my own. I can visit him and leave the care to you!
    -Fuzzy Gram