Tuesday, November 30, 2010

More about the Guinea Pigs

So here is some more info about the guinea pigs at the shelter. The three possibly pregnant guinea pigs are definitely pregnant. They did some tests or something yesterday. They can have anywhere from 1 to 8 babies. 1 to 4 is more common though. So we are expecting a lot of guinea pigs at the shelter! All small critters are free at the shelter starting Wednesday and going through the weekend since we have so many right now. I think that the shelter is only adopting out the male guinea pigs right now, because they want to be sure that our non-pregnant female guinea pigs really are not pregnant too. I think there are five girls and seven boys. Two of the boys are babies. They are so cute! The two girl guinea pigs who aren't having babies are my favorites. I gave them the names Piper and Lily. They are both long haired guinea pigs. I gave them baths today and now Lily loves me. She was very dirty before. Piper likes to talk to me. I immitate the guinea pigs "wheeking" sounds because it makes them more comfortable and less nervous around me. Whenever I do Piper always "wheeks" back. They are also the least messy. The boys tend to be messier.

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  1. They sound so adorable, I almost want to adopt one (almost..)!
    -Old Animal Lover